Wireless Sirent

• Siren output level is 95 dB at three feet
• AC powered with a rechargeable 12 hour battery backup

Wireless Fixed English Voice Keypad

• No wires to run–lower installation time and labor costs
• Easy-to-open case requires no special tools
• Speaks system status and zone information in plain English

Four-Button Wireless Remote

• Four completely programmable buttons
• User replaceable, long-life lithium batteries
• Remote operation of lights and garage doors

Four-Button Bi-directional Remote with Voice Feedback

• Speaks system status in plain-English (requires Transmission Module or transceiver)
• Four completely programmable buttons

Two-Button Personal Panic Remote

• Two-button operation
• Fully supervised
• Belt clip or pendant option
• User replaceable, long life lithium batteries

Desk Mount

Business Security alarm accessories

Energy Management Module

• Automatically sets back enabled thermostats when security system is armed away
• Sends run command to enabled thermostats when security system is disarmed

Wireless Transceiver

• Compatible with all bi-directional wireless products

Wireless Repeater

• Extends the range of wireless devices
• Receives alarm, status and control messages from any RF device, and repeats these messages to the control panel via the primary receiver

Wireless Switch Module

• End-users can control multiple functions with the same key fob
• Works with up to eight wireless keys to operate any relay-activated device

RF Lamp Module

• Plug into any 110 outlet; no wiring needed
• Use same remote that controls security system to control lamp