Contractor Security Site Packages

Iron Castle Central Station 1

Our Security Command Station is in Constant
Communication with Your Site

The Most Advanced Security Services Available: The Most Advanced Security Services Available:

  • 24 Hour Security Guard Monitoring Service
  • ntegrated Electronic Security Systems
  • High Security Perimeter Fencing
  • On Site Security Station with Office
  • Mobile Surveillance & Communications Unit
  • Installation & Removal of all Equipment

Advanced industrial security solutions that can be customized for your specific site requirements. Our affordable monthly billing makes it easy to budget for all your security concerns. Feel confident knowing that your assets are being protected with the best security and guard monitoring systems available.

System Remotely Accessible: Monitor your site live 24 hours a day from anywhere with your fully pre-configured website;
Complete Control Of Your Site: Control who has access to your site and during which times
Secure Any Location In Days: Our systems are all completely portable and designed so they can be set up and removed in days Save On Your Insurance: Enjoy insurance savings with comprehensive 24 hour guard patrol services and protect against unwanted insurance claims

Iron Castle fens

Utilize our temporary fencing panels to create
exclusion zones" around areas where dan
gerous work is being undertaken

The Best in High Security Perimeter Fencing

We provide a ring of protection around your entire site

Our extremely secure perimeter fencing system is far superior to the all of the other temporary fencing products available, which are more of the crowd control barrier variety not true high security perimeter systems. With our industry leading rock solid construction & high visibility fencing systems we can protect your entire site and significantly reduce the threat of theft & vandalism. Electronic fence & gate security options can restrict access to the site and significantly increase your level of security.

Standard Features Include:

  • Strongest System Available - Guaranteed: The most durable construction in the industry allows our systems to withstand a direct assault from an assailant and years of abuse
  • Anti-Climb Feature: Increased fence height combined with large anti climb spikes presents a formidable barrier that will prevent even the most determined adversary from attempting to climb this fence
  • High-Visibility: Bright colors, and reflectors stand out in day or night theft-deterrent: Protect your site with a strong visible deterrent & reduce the risk of theft and vandalism

Optional Upgrades Include:

  • Perimeter Monitoring:By adding optional electronic sensors the central station can immediately be alerted of a: breech in the perimeter, cut fence section or a compromised front gate
  • Swipe Card Controlled Gate:A popular option with our contractors is the secured main gate operated by an access control system that can be programmed to allow certain persons access during certain times; the system provides a record of users and times they entered


On Site Security Station & Executive Office

Complete Security Systems Integration: The onsite monitoring station’s advanced integrated electronic and communications systems allow for a more comprehensive security
solution which allows you to incorporate


Utilize our temporary fencing panels to create
exclusion zones" around areas where dan
gerous work is being undertaken

  • Electronic Perimeter & External Sensors
  • Card Accessed Security Office & Front Gate
  • Industrial Grade Security Cameras With 2-Way Audio
  • Automated Environmental Detection & Remote Controlled Systems
  • Internet and Communications Systems

Executive Office: Completely finished interior with separate office area; full power and services connections available; climate controlled heating and air conditioning; the only work trailer required for smaller projects

Heavy Duty Steel Construction: Rugged 16 gauge steel plated siding, high security door system with secured card access entrance, steel bars on all windows, 16 gauge steel plated door, 10 gauge steel floor joists, all steel construction components built to withstand a direct assault


Integrated Security & Communications Systems

mini mobile ironcastle

Access Control: With access control systems on the front gate and monitoring station door, you have complete control of who is authorized to access the site and at what times. It also provides a complete record of who accessed the site or office and at what times.

  • Heavy Duty Surveillance System:
  • Industrial grade external vandal proof low light cameras are a standard with all our security packages. Our camera’s images look good in any conditions.
  • Our surveillance systems have advanced video analytics capabilities
  • Multi-megapixel industrial grade night vision infrared security cameras are available to ensure the best quality video far surpassing standard CCTV
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom cameras with motion tracking allows for: 360 degree coverage of your entire site; zoom in on any spot on the site live from any location to get an up close real time view of a specific project or scene
  • Security cameras provide recorded video evidence of everything that has happened on the site for weeks
  • Portable communication towers are erected around the site which are used to mount the cameras and sensor equipment
  • A great asset for work related accidents & insurance claims


Compare Security Alternatives

No Security
All assets are exposed and vulnerable at all times

Onsite Security Guard
Expensive Relies on guard being at the right place at the right time No evidence of any incidents

Purchase Security Systems
Requires a large expenditure on equipment for a temporary project No one to remove equipment or place to store it No professional monitoring

Iron Castle’s Contractor Rental Packages
Most comprehensive security protection available 24 hour guard patrol services Rent system for duration of project at a low fixed budgeted monthly rate


Make Sure Your Next Project is Equipped with the Best in Security, Networking & Phone Systems

Whatever your project is ... make sure that you have all of your security, network and phone systems designed, installed and programmed by our team of industry leading professionals. We have the experience and equipment to guarantee that your systems will operate as you require and be hassle free for years to come.

We Make it Easy by Providing Complete Systems Design, Installation, Programming & Service

  • Electronic Security Systems: Intrusion Alarms, Access Control & Surveillance Cameras
  • Network Data Systems: Data Servers, Data Switches & Firewalls
  • Network Phone Systems: BPX Servers, Switches & Phone Stations