Wireless Door Contact

• Features a normal zone response time of 200msec; the fast zone response is 5msec
• Dimensions: 3-1/2" H x 1-9/16" W x 1-3/16" D

Thin Wireless Door & Window Contact

• Sleek design virtually disappears
• Easy-to-open case requires no special tools
• Case tamper protection
• Ideal for double-hung windows

Wireless Recessed Window Transmitter

• Smallest wireless recessed transmitter on the market
• Up to 10-year battery life
• Includes rare earth flat magnet
• Eliminates concerns of voiding window manufacturers’ warranties

Over Head Door Sensor

Wireless PIR Motion Detector

• Longer battery life
• End-user replaceable batteries
• Black bug guard means 15% fewer false alarms due to bright lights directed into the PIR

Wireless PIR Motion Detector with Pet Immunity

• 35’ x 45’ (10.6m x13.7m) coverage pattern
• Immune to pets up to 40lbs
• Split-Zone Optics technology
• Up to five year battery life
Security alarm sensors

Outdoor Wireless Motion Detector

This heavy duty motion detector
• Discriminates both large and small animals to reduce false alarms

Wireless Glassbreak Detector

• Test mode can be activated remotely with FG-701 Tester
• Four selectable sensitivity settings (Max, Medium, Low and Lowest)

Photoelectric Smoke / Heat Detector

• Improved Robust RF Field Strength
• Smoothing Algorithms
• Smart Check

Carbon Monoxide Detector

• Electrochemical Sensing Technology
• Local Sounder
• LED Status Indicators

Wireless Temperature Sensor & Flood Detector

• Five selectable temperature ranges to choose from (hot, warm, cold, refrigerate and freeze)
• Remote Temperature Probe available is ideal for refrigerator and freezer monitoring

Wireless Asset Protection Sensor

• Expensive electronics - TV, home entertainment equipment
• House safe/gun safe
• Paintings
• Antique collectibles