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Who Needs it ?

  • Elderly people who live alone, or are alone at times
  • People with medical conditions
  • People with difficulty walking or may be in danger of falling
  • Anyone who may need help in the event of an emergency
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How it Works ?

  • Push a butoon for help
  • Monitoring station respond
  • Your emergency contacts will be notified.
  • Help on his way to you
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Iron Castle Special Deal

  • $49 Installation Fee
  • $0 Actication Fee
  • $29.95 Monthly Monitoring

TELL A FRIEND , relative, or loved one that should have a Medical Alert System. When you refer a friend to us we will give you and your friend each ONE MONTH FREE monitoring This how we thank you for refering us to your friends and family.

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Iron Castle Health Alarm is a wireless home Emergency Response System that relies on two main components – a control panel and a personal help button. The Health Alarm system, designed and manufactured by world’s leading companies, offers you quality, reliability and an immediate response when every second counts.

The personal help button is water resistant , A press of the button will send a signal for help through the panel to Iron Castle Emergency Response Center. Home Security isn’t just about helping to protect your home from outside intruders — it’s also about protecting yourself while you’re inside.

Some other add-ons include, smoke detection, water detection, and basic home security.

Why a Personal Health Alarm System?

For seniors who are living alone, injuries or incapacitation can mark the end of an independent lifestyle. Don’t let a fear of injury take away your freedom. A personal emergency response system puts help within reach, with just the push of a button.

Your family will appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Iron Castle Health Alarm is standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond if you ever need help

Health Alarm Moves With You Our medical alert system can easily move from one location to another, whether you relocate for a week or a season. A simple call to our emergency response center is all it takes to reactivate your system in your new location.

Personal Health Alarm costs less than a dollar a day -- there are no hidden costs and you can cancel Iron Castle at anytime. We offers Security and Peace of Mind at an affordable price.