NAS Surveillance Server

Main Features

In a file sharing environment, a large number of users can access a program as though it were on their local machines,
when actually the program resides on a single file server. This is a great benefit to small workstations, where disk space is at a premium.
A user can have access to a much larger program repertoire than could fit on a private disk.
By having a resource reside physically on a single server, then distributed throughout the network, you can greatly simplify administration. 
• First, you reduce the number of copies of various programs that need to be maintained on the network. 
• Second, you reduce the problems involved in performing backups for a number of machines dispersed over a wide geographical area. 
By keeping files in a single location, this task becomes comparable to backing up a single machine.
Centralizing files on a few file servers not only simplifies administration, it helps maintain consistency of shared data files. 
When changes are made to a shared file, they become available to all users immediately.

File Management

How much time do you spend trying to track down documents that move around the office from employee to employee 
without anyone keeping track? 
A more efficient idea: storing your vital data in a central shared space where all workers can access it whenever necessary

Security and Permissions

The network administrator of a server-based network can control access to critical and private files on a person-by-person basis, 
and with the file permission and policy the entire organization can be guarded from intrusions and attacks. 
The end result: a more buttoned-up organization where security and permissioin concerns needn’t preoccupy you constantly. 
The Advantages of Owning Your Own Mail Server
•  Privacy Worrying about personal information or messages being read by someone outside the company isn’t necessary when a business controls its own mail server. The information is stored and protected by the owner of the mail server.
•  Users can be added immediatelyIt isn’t necessary to wait until someone else gets around to adding new users. Since the mail server is owned by the company wishing to add new users to the system, this alteration can be made right away. Name changes can be made and even aliases can be added to existing users without the wait. 
•  Mailbox charges are avoided, the owner of the mail server doesn’t have to pay anyone else for mailbox usage. Even though the cost some ISPs charge is minimal, it’s an amount of money saved in the long run.
•  Mail is faster Not only is the mail delivered quickly throughout the company, but any mail coming in is received immediately. When a company doesn’t have its own mail server.
How can using a VPN benefit your company?
VPN offices around the country! What if your company’s main office is located in Toronto, while your branch offices are located in Edmonton, Calgary, and Ottawa? While each branch has its own separate network, there aren’t many realistic ways to directly connect each office unless fiber was run between the locations. This would be very expensive.
With a VPN, however, each network can connect to the main office’s network and then to the other branch offices. All that’s needed is an Internet connection, a VPN server for each location, and an IP address to authenticate to.
One of the greatest benefits a VPN offers is to individuals who travel extensively. These individuals need frequent access to the company network for file sharing, checking e-mail, or other tasks that depend on connectivity. With a laptop, VPN, and global ISP, these road warriors can connect to the company network from anywhere there’s a internet line.